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All natural concentrated 4-in-1 pet shampoo, conditioner, anti-bacterial, and biting insect repellant eliminates the need to buy anything else!

MinkSheen's 4-in-1 pet shampoo, conditioner, anti-bacterial, and natural insect repellent contains mink oil to produce a "show quality" soft, shiny coat. Vitamin E is added to aid in the soothing and healing of irritated and damaged skin. The natural cedar, eucalyptus, citronella and patchouli oils actually repel biting insects but leave your pet smelling fresh long after their bath. Even with its outstanding lathering abilities, it rinses easily and produces the best coat for your pet. Our concentrated formula makes this a great value. It is all natural, biodegradable and soothes and conditions flea and tick irritated skin. Available in 16 ounce or gallon size liquid concentrate.

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