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All The Amazing Secrets for Training Parrots

It's the question most parrot owners ask when they first decide to purchase a parrot. "How easy is it to training a parrot?" The answer really depends not on the parrot, but on the owner and their dedication to spend everyday doing what's necessary to train their parrot.

The Three Golden Rules

There are three golden rules that every owner must remember and they are, one, make sure you give your training parrot as much human interaction as possible. The more human the environment, the easier it will be to get results.

Two, if you have another parrot that can talk, allow the new parrot to spend a great deal of time in its company. Parrots are animals and most animals(including humans) will imitate each other unconsciously. Finally, is the particular species of parrot you bought known for their speaking abilities? Do some research before you make your final decision. The amazon parrot and the grey parrot are known for their talking abilities.

So how do you train your parrot to talk? Well, just as a child learns to talk, it is the same for parrots. Repetition is the key to success. Decide what particular words you want your parrot to say and then with the use of treats such as crackers, constantly repeat the chosen words to your parrot.

When he or she finally repeats one of your words, give it a treat. This will then have an unconsious affect on your parrots brain that will trigger a response to tell him or her that saying that word is a good thing. Again it is important to emphasise the fact repetition is the key to success make sure you stay mostivated to the task at hand.

The Importance Of Emotions

Usually parrots learn their names first. Why is this? Because they associate their name with human interaction which for parrots is a good thing. You will notice that parrots are most happy when they are getting attention from humans.

Therefore if you are able to get your bird into a happy state, by raising the pitch and tone of your voice, the words you speak will have more meaning to their brains. Sounding dull and boring with a low pitch and slow tempoed voice therefore will hinder your parrot's training capacity. Just ask yourself this question – would you rather listen to a comedian or a Biology professor? I know what I'd prefer!