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Vet Insurance

Pet health insurance can help you pay for the surgeries, treatments and procedures your pet might someday need. There are lots of pet health insurance plan options available, including plans that even cover routine care visits. Some companies cover only dogs and cats, but others carry insurance for most pets — dogs, cats, birds and other domestic animals included. Following are some of the best places online to look for the pet insurance that’s right for you.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

A licensed pet medical insurance provider with more than one million policies sold, offering health insurance coverage options for illness and accident, plus routine care coverage if desired.

PetCare Pet Insurance

Offers pet insurance programs for dogs and cats; depending on the region, this insurance is available under a variety of names including QuickCare, the PetCare Pet Insurance Program, ShelterCare Pet Insurance Program, Union Plus Pet Insurance, and BetterPetHealth.

Pet Assure

A pet care health savings program providing coverage, with no exclusions based on age or preexisting conditions; this is an alternative to traditional insurance.

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