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Bathing A Puppy

In general, puppies should not be bathed any younger than 6 weeks of age. If your puppy gets into a mess before this age, use a warm washcloth to gently wipe the dirty area and then make sure the wet coat dries thoroughly to avoid chills. Only if absolutely necessary, should you then wash just the dirty area with a puppy shampoo, and carefully rinse out the shampoo afterward to remove all traces of soapy residue. Towel dry the wet area; if a large portion of his body has been dampened or washed, it’s a good idea to wrap him afterward in a warm towel or blanket and hold him in your own arms for warmth until you’re sure he’s dry and comfortable.

Read here for more tips on grooming and bathing your dog. When you do bathe your 6+ week old puppy, be sure to use an unscented puppy shampoo and warm water; make sure you’re working in a warm room, and that he’s fully dry and warm afterward before running outside to the rest of the house. As always, take special care to insure that no water or soap gets into the delicate ears, eyes or nose – it’s always important to keep these areas safe at any age, but puppies in particular are especially vulnerable.

Work slowly, and be sure to praise your brave and clever puppy throughout the process…and don’t forget to reward his patience afterward with a crunchy treat and plenty of love.