Dog Breeds

Beagle Advantage and Challenges


  • Lively, happy and curious
  • Cute and loveable
  • Good with kids and other dogs
  • Energetic, with lots of stamina


  • Can be stubborn and hard to train
  • Easily distracted
  • Has a tendency to wander from home
  • Whines loudly if left alone

Beagle Physical Characteristics


  • Sturdy, small dog


  • Small dogs 18-20 pounds; large dogs 20-30 pounds


  • Smooth, short-haired


  • All different shades, including tri-color (black, brown and white);

Life Expectancy

  • 12-15 years
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Beagle Personality

With its soft, pleading brown eyes, the Beagle can break a dog lover’s heart and is a master at getting its own way. There’s no wonder that this merry little dog is the 5th most popular breed registered with the AKC in the United States. The beagle’s friendly and loveable personality demands more attention than many other breeds, but the good news is that the tail on this happy little guy rarely stops wagging.

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Beagle History and General Information

History and Origin

Beagle-type dogs were cited in Ancient Greece, but the breed’s precise origins are only vaguely known. Probably originating from a cross between the Harrier and other English hounds, the Beagle has been used for hunting hare, pheasant and quail. This dog was specifically bred to have a loud baying cry (a great convenience for hunters on horseback), but this inborn trait may not be considered so wonderful by your nextdoor neighbors. This breed doesn't like being left alone, and will let the world know it. You may want to consider having two Beagles if you’re away from home a lot.

General Information

Gentle, sweet, loving and sociable, this happy little dog is excellent with kids and usually good with other dogs. With a natural curiosity, the Beagle wants to follow its own nose wherever it may lead, creating a tendency to roam away from home. Keep your pet safe inside a secure area or firmly attached to a leash at all times. The beagle needs plenty of regular exercise, but resist the urge to let this puppy run free in public spaces – if it catches an interesting scent in the air, you might never see your pet again. This alert and energetic dog with its fine nose and keen intellect, has served as an excellent narcotics detection dog and makes a fine family companion if properly understood. Stubborn and determined, this dog requires patient, firm training.

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Beagle Health

Health Ailments

This muscular hound is relatively healthy, but is susceptible to various diseases and ailments. These include skin allergies, eye diseases, deafness, kidney diseases and other problems.

Famous Beagles

One of the most well-known Beagles is the incomparable Snoopy of Charlie Brown and “Peanuts” fame. Confident and fearless, this Beagle moonlighted as a WWI Flying Ace, a bestselling mystery author and, occasionally, Joe Cool.

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Beagle Community

Your Beagle

Send us pictures and stories about your Beagle.

Beagle Discussion Group

Get tips from other Beagle lovers – and submit a few ideas of your own.

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