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Welcome to the Dog Home Page! Here you’ll find articles and information all about dogs, as well as a directory of resources including dog clubs, and newsletters, veterinarians, online pet supply stores, dog rescue organizations and more.

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Finding the Right Obedience Trainer

The trainer you choose to help you and your dog can make or break Fido’s future. The right dog trainer can help to minimize or eliminate most behavioral issues by understanding...
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Train Your Puppy Early

New puppies learn very quickly with the right kind of instruction. Socialization and training are critically important during early puppyhood – this is by far the most crucial time in your
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Flea Control

In addition to the inconvenience and itch for Fido and you, fleas carry disease –
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Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Some foods which are edible for humans can pose hazards for dogs. Some may cause only mild digestive upsets, whereas others can cause severe illness, and even death.
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Featured Products
Hyper Pet Tire Tosser

This unique patent pending tossing toy provides hours of fetching fun for Fido! Launch the durable tire across the lawn for dog to retrieve.
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Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

Just because it's green doesn't mean it has to be expensive or watered down. “Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator” is guaranteed to remove pet related stains and odors or you get your money back! Gree
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Distinctive Dog - Peanut Banana Bread treats

Everyone knows that dogs love peanuts and bananas. This tasty combination creates a dog treat high in protein and rich in nutrients. They contain no gluten, wheat, corn soy or artificial ingredients.
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Custom Personalized Pet Collars

The Personal Pet ID Collars allow you to provide a customized collar for your clientelle. Choose from solid backgrounds or from any of our patterns. We have included several font styles to choose from
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Crazy Dog Train-Me! Training Reward 16 oz. Pantry Pack

Train-Me! Training Rewards are great treats - something pets love. (Positive reinforcement is what it's about.) And, the best nutrition: full of protein, added vitamins and nutrients. Lots of grea
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