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Maine Coon Advantages and Challenges


  • Maine Coon cats are known for their beautiful face with large, expressive eyes
  • Maine Coons are easygoing and playful – good with other pets, and with kids 5 years and up


  • The Main Coon is a prolific hunter, whether you like it or not
  • Maine Coons require regular to moderate grooming to prevent painful mats from forming

Maine Coon Physical Characteristics


  • Very Large


  • Semi longhair


  • Many – often including black, white, silver, blue or cream
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Maine Coon Personality

This beautiful and even-tempered animal is the 2nd most popular breed of cat in the U.S. The only truly American cat breed, the Maine Coon hails from the cold Northeast and has the ultra-thick fur coat to prove it. Known as “the Gentle Giant”, the Maine Coon is one of the largest members of the domestic cat family – the male can routinely weigh up to 20 pounds, and the female (while smaller than the male) is still noticeably bigger than your average kitty, weighing in at 10-15 pounds or more. With its dense coat, thickly tufted paws and long, fluffy tail, this extra-large Maine Coon is well suited to cold climates and changing seasons.

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Maine Coon History and General Information

History and Origin

Bred originally as a champion mouser, the modern day Maine Coon remains a gifted and determined hunter. While birds, rodents and insects have reason to fear this mighty predator, the Maine Coon is affectionate and gentle with humans and other household animals, and well suited to families that include other pets and kids older than 5.

Grooming requirements

The Maine Coon has remarkably thick fur, and is prone to matting. As for grooming, the Maine Coon should be brushed once or twice a week to preserve a healthy coat and to prevent an accumulation of painful mats which would have to be cut out.

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Maine Coon Health

Health Ailments

The Maine Coon is a sturdy cat with few health issues, but can be susceptible to hip, knee and joint problems.

Overall, the Maine Coon is a hardy and robust breed, developing the above ailments most often when overweight. Maintaining your Maine Coon's proper weight and grooming requirements will help insure its good health, along with regular checkups at the vet.

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Maine Coon Community

Your Maine Coon

Send us pictures and stories about your Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Discussion Group

Get tips from other Maine Coon lovers – and submit a few ideas of your own.

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