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Oriental Shorthair Advantages and Challenges


  • Oriental Shorthair cats are highly intelligent, curious and very social
  • Oriental Shorthair cats are known to be affectionate, loyal and trusting
  • Oriental Shorthair cats are exotically beautiful
  • Oriental Shorthair cats require little grooming
  • Most Oriental Shorthair cats are well suited to apartment living
  • Oriental Shorthair cats are generally patient and loving with family members, kids and pets


  • Oriental Shorthairs have high-energy, needs a stimulating environment
  • Most Oriental Shorthair cats demand a lot of attention
  • Oriental Shorthair cats needs plenty of regular companionship
  • May be jealous and territorial with human rivals for your affection
  • Oriental Shorthair cats can be very vocal

Oriental Shorthair Physical Characteristics


  • Medium


  • Shorthair


  • Over 300 colors and combinations
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Oriental Shorthair Personality

The Oriental Shorthair may be the most colorful cat breed on Earth, with more than 300 colors and patterns to choose from. The Oriental Shorthair has the same elegant build, sleek coat and chatty personality as the Siamese, but unlike the Siamese, comes in just about any color of the rainbow. Understandably popular, the Oriental Shorthair appeals to the cat lover who wants an elegant Siamese-type cat but prefers a pet with new-and-improved, distinctive colorations.

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Oriental Shorthair History and General Information

History and Origin

The Oriental Shorthair is a man-made Siamese hybrid created to bring together the looks and personality of the Siamese with a far wider range of color and pattern options. First in Britainin the 1950s and then in Americain the 60s and early 70s, breeders set out to create this new look by crossing Siamese cats with American shorthairs, Russian blues, Burmese and Abyssinians.

The Oriental Shorthair's personality is as colorful as its coat, and it will reward its human family with delightful antics as it ‘makes itself useful’ at the center of every daily activity. This cat is a natural entertainer - full of enthusiasm, energy and the belief that the world revolves around it. In the busiest moments, your Oriental Shorthair will find a way to make its presence known; a little nudge of your pen hand while you’re writing, a close inspection of your tooth brush prior to use, or some help tying your shoes before you leave in the morning. This cat will greet you eagerly at the door to tell you all about its day. If you’re late, you’re in for a scolding: don’t you realize how much it worries when you don’t call?

In other words, the Oriental Shorthair craves companionship, and if you ignore yours the Oriental Shorthair won’t take it lying down. Extremely people-oriented and trusting, it depends deeply on its human friends and can become depressed if left alone too often. Give this cat the attention and affection it needs and deserves, and it will do anything to please you. Ignore it, and it will droop with despair.

Grooming requirements

The Oriental Shorthair sheds little and requires only minimal grooming; once a week or so, groom your cat lightly with your bare hands to remove excess hair. Otherwise, this breed never needs bathing – unless it’s managed to overturn a jar of paint or decided to help you give your car an oil change, that is.

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Oriental Shorthair Health

Health Ailments

The Oriental Shorthair is generally a healthy, sturdy breed with few genetic problems. Selecting a qualified breeder or buying from a reputable pet store will help ensure that your Oriental Shorthair will be free of hereditary purebred ailments. Maintaining your cat’s proper weight and grooming requirements will also help insure its good health, along with regular checkups at the vet.

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Oriental Shorthair Community

Your Oriental Shorthair

Send us pictures and stories about your Oriental Shorthair.

Oriental Shorthair Discussion Group

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