Bird Species


Lorikeets Advantage and Challenges


  • Affectionate Not as physically demanding Energetic Playful


  • Liquid droppings Larger lories can be quite loud may lose their tameness as they mature

Lorikeets Physical Characteristics


  • Varies widely from the Wilhelmina's lorikeet at 5 inches to the Papuan lory at 16.5 inches (though much of that is tail length)


  • 20 to 280 grams, depending on the species


  • Varies by species, but many lories and lorikeets have every color of the rainbow captured in their feathers.

Life Expectancy

Genetics and diet play a strong role in the longevity of a bird. The lory lives 10 to 15 years on average, but some longtime lory owners and breeders report them living 25 years or more.

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