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Welcome to the Aquatic Home Page! Here you’ll find articles and information all about Aquatics, as well as listings for Aquatic breeders, a directory of resources including Aquatic clubs and newsletters, veterinarians, online pet supply stores, new Aquatic related products, Aquatic rescue organizations and more. Or share your pet’s stories and photos with us in the Aquatic Spotlight! Browse the menu bar above, or hit “search” to look up a particular topic.

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Difficult Fish In Your Fish Tank

I wanted to talk a little bit about fish that might look tempting in the store, but should probably be avoided by beginning aquarists. All of these fish have their good points too, or the fish stores wouldn't be
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Can My Pet Fish Get Me Or My Kids Sick?

Pet fish, both salt water and fresh water varieties, can get you sick from a strain of bacteria related to human tuberculosis. Although infection from this bacteria is rare, certain precautions should be
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Fish Tanks Require Love and Care

From small one-quart bowls to 55-gallon aquariums and numerous sizes in between, these fish tanks all need proper care to keep their inhabitants alive and well.
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Common Diseases In Your Fish Tank

Here's a very quick summary of symptoms and information about the most common diseases that can affect our gilled friends – there's lots more information available online and in books:
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Featured Products
Find what you need in this exciting online marketplace.

Find what you need in the Pet Industry Resource Guide - an exciting online marketplace that allows you to seach the latest offerings, compare prices and find new vendors.
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Potted Aquarium Plants

These are like houseplants for the fish tank! Most of our plant varieties are available grown in 2" aquarium net pots that are filled with an inert, soil-free planting medium which eliminates soil m
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Angels for Animals Soy Candles and Home Fragrance

Angels for Animals natural soy blend candles provide a high fragranced, clean burning candle that offers meaning and beauty to any space. Our natural soy blend candles are hand-poured in small batches using premium
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